Hi! I’m Bettie...

A statuesque BBW with the perfect combination of voluptuous  curves, soft skin and a razor sharp wit in the Leeds area. 


In my professional life, I have been a journalist with a masters degree. I now find myself excited and fulfilled as a born-again entrepreneur offering indulgent companionship in my free time. 


Whether you are a veteran of epicureanism or you are just now dipping your toe into these waters, it would be my absolute pleasure to take your hand and introduce you to my world of art, music, culture, and decadent hedonism.


I'm passionately curious about life, love, and pleasure. I believe in the archetype of the classic explorer - open to all new experiences, comfortable in a tent under the stars or a five star hotel, the consummate hostess and sensual concierge.


I don't meet every gentleman that reaches out to me, but I do invite you to email me to learn more about who I am and why I love what I do. 

Allow me to create a private haven for us, a little sensual haven of softness and skin, lit by candlelight. 

We'll let our senses help us find our way...


Until then,


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